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"Free hotspots" (which means no conditional access with tickets) will remain free with some (small) limitations: 30 maximum simultaneous connections.

Online billing with revenue sharing (75% of net revenue for the hotspot owner) is available without any setup fee neither any subscription. You can also subscribe a monthly fee to get 100% of your hotspot online revenue.

For the ticket code access system, you have the choice of having monthly fees for unlimited usage or usage based pricing. If you want to evaluate the ticket access system, just create tickets whose expiration time is less than 2 minutes. You will not be charged. (Please read below)

There is no setup fee.

WorldSpot balance account

To use worldspot paying services, you need to buy credits at a degressive price. The base price of 1 credit is 1 euro. The more credits you buy, the less expensive they are:

Number of credit to buy Price per additional credit Example price
< 25 credits 1 euro per credit 25 credits = 25 euros
from 25 to 50 credits 0.90 euro per additional credit 50 credits =  47.5 euros (-5%)
from 50 to 100 credits 0.85 euro per additional credit 100 credits = 90 euros (-10%)
from 100 to 200 credits 0.80 euro per additional credit 200 credits = 170 euros (-15%)
from 200 to 400 credits 0.75 euro per additional credit 400 credits = 320 euros (-20%)
from 400 to 800 credits 0.70 euro per additional credit 800 credits = 600 euros (-25%)
> 800 credits 0.65 euro per additional credit 1600 credits = 1120 euros (-30%)
3200 credits = 2160 euros (-32.5%)

Once your account is credited, all worldspot services will be available on demand. You will be free to upgrade, add hotspots or subscribe any new services when you want. You don't have to pay when doing upgrades, your credits will be used.

Credits have unlimited validity and are not refundable. To buy credits, login into your worldspot account then go into the "Buy credits" page.

Monthly fee for unlimited usage

The best choice for higher usage hotspots. 

Unlimited tickets

  • You can use any type and any number of tickets or private accounts
  • Includes mac address authentication and multiple usage tickets.
  • Online billing is still available with revenue sharing (75% of net revenue for hotspot owners)
Price: 9 credits per hotspot per month

Unlimited online billing

  • You get 100% of the hotspot net revenue directly into your paypal account.
Price: 9 credits per hotspot per month

Unlimited tickets + Unlimited online billing

Discount price: 12 credits per hotspot per month for both subscriptions.

Example prices

Description Number of credits Price in euro Discount
1 hotspot during 3 month (full) 12*3=36 credits 34.90 euros -3.1%
6 hotspot during 1 month (partial) 9*6=54 credits 50.90 euros -5.7%
2 hotspot during 6 month (partial) 9*6*2=108 credits 96.40 euros -10.7%
1 hotspot during 12 month (full) 12*12=144 credits 125.20 euros -13.1%
5 hotspot during 12 month (full) 5*12*12=720 credits 544 euros -24.4%
20 hotspot during 12 month (full) 20*12*12=2880 credits 1952 euros -32.2%
  • 30 simultaneous connections are allowed. If you have more than 30 simultaneous connections, you will be charged 9 more credits per 30 concurrent connections. For example, if your hotspot reaches 100 simultaneous connections in a month period you will be charged your 9 (or 12) + 3*9 = 36 (or 39 credits).
  • A subscription period is 31 days. At the start of each month period (for each hotspot), the credit balance is debited and the subscription can't be changed until the next month period. It is possible to schedule automatic renew, upgrade or cancellation for the next period. 
  • When cancelling a ticket subscription, you will automatically be charged according to the per ticket pricing.
  • The per hotspot pricing is based on the hotspot mac address. You are allowed to have multiple hotspots configured on the same hotspot account, but you will still be charged per hotspot. 
  • When subscribing, you are not required to indicate a mac address (if you don't know it). On the first user connection, the hotspot will look for a subscription with its mac address. If none is found, it will look for a subscription with no mac address and will assign its mac address to the existing subscription.
  • You are NOT allowed to change your hotspot mac address. If such abuse is detected, your account will be canceled.


Unbranded service

If you don't want that anybody knows that your hotspot is managed by online service, you can subscribe to the "unbranded service" option.
Another domain and ssl certificate has been setup without any mention to website.
Price: 4 credits per hotspot per month

Your hotspots under your own domain

It is also possible for you to have all services under your own domain name.
For a yearly fee, your domain ssl certificate will be setup on servers.
Please contact WorldSpot for more details.

Per ticket pricing

  • The best choice is you are not sure about your hotspot usage.
  • Ticket generation and printing is still FREE!
  • You are charged only when the ticket is being used for the first time.
  • For multiple usage tickets, you are charged when it is used for the first time for each new device.
  • For testing purpose, low time tickets (less than 2 minutes) usage are completely free.
  • The per ticket price (in credits) is based on the ticket access profile time (average between total connection and expiration time). The price is displayed in the "Manage access profile" page, at the bottom.
    • FREE under 2 minutes ( useful for testing or evaluation purposes)
    • 0.13 credit for 1 hour
    • 0.25 credit for 5 hours
    • 0.40 credit for 1 day
    • 1 credit for 1 week
    • 2 credits for 1 month
  • Tickets MUST have an expiration time, otherwise they won't be allowed to connect under the usage based pricing. The profile time taken into account is the average between the total connection time and the expiration time. For example, if you have a 6h total connection time and 24h expiration time, your profile will be considered as 12h long. Maximum profile time is 30 days.
  • Once the profile time is determined, the price is a continuous function that goes through the prices displayed above. For example, a 12h ticket is charged 0.31 credits. You can use any time up to one month.
  • If you use an unlimited ticket usage period then choose to stop it to get usage based pricing, all unfinished tickets that were started inside the unlimited period will be charged as if started in the usage based period.

NOTE: Worldspot pricing and conditions may change. You will be noticed by email at least 2 weeks before the new pricing conditions will be applied.

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