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These firmware are compatible with worldspot services, however they are not recommended. Please use worldspot firmware instead

CoovaAP Firmware hotspot automatic configuration

Worldspot is compatible with the CoovaAP firmware automatic hotspot configuration system. CoovaAP is based on openwrt white russian.

  • Please follow the CoovaAP installation procedure
  • Your router must be connected to your internet modem/router through the internet port (important)
  • Once the Coova firmware is installed and the wifi access is setup, check that it works by connecting a PC to your new wifi SSID. You should have internet working.
  • To disable Coova logo when hotspot client connects:
    • Go to hotspot/advanced
    • Clear "uam homepage"
    • Click "save changes"
  • Now you can configure hotspot auto configuration.
    • Go in hotspot/configuration.
    • In hotspot type, Select "Chillispot UAM"
    • In autoconfiguration, select "Web url"
    • In Web config URL, paste the coova autoconfig url that is shown in "Display config info" in your worldspot account. You can also use this url:
      (replace the <...>)
    • Leave config name and config password blank
    • In config interval, put 0
    • Click in save changes.
  • When all your changes are made, click in "config changes pending" (upper right), then click in apply change.
  • Wait some time, and your hotspot should be running.

If you make a mistake in the web config url parameters, you should get a demo worldspot landing page. Please copy/paste the url from the "Display config info" from your worldspot account.

NOTE: If you don't want to use your account password in the url, you can use the hotspot radius secret (in display config info) like this instead: routers sell routers that are shipped with ROBIN firmware (which is also compatible with foneras).

Mesh networking uses an advanced wireless routing protocol and allows easy large scale deployments by adding routers nodes which act as intelligent repeaters.

  • Connect to the open-mesh dashboard:
  • Create a network if you haven't created one.
  • Add your routers nodes by clicking on "Add/Edit nodes"
  • Once created and logged in your network, click on "access point #1"
  • In "Captive Portal Type" click on captive portal providers, and ""
  • Copy/paste the 3 fields that are needed from your worldspot account, in "display config info", in the chillispot configuration section.
  • The allowed domains option should be correctly be pre-filled. they should contain at least ",," for paypal access. You may add additionnal domains there.
  • Once finished, click on "update network"

Your open-mesh router should automatically be reconfigured after a moment. You may check in the dashboard status if it is up and running.
This setup only needs to be done once per mesh network. To add more nodes, simply click on "Add/edit nodes".

DD-WRT Firmware

Older DD-WRT uses an old version of chillispot and lacks important features that may lead to instability.

These older DD-WRT are no more recommended.

Newer DD-WRT use coova-chilli and should be working correctly now.

The hotspot installation is presented in the welcome page and in the dd-wrt hotspot setup procedure. Please note that this procedure is old, and should be no more up to date with recent dd-wrt firmwares.